Automated UPS and FedEx shipping refunds

We chase the refunds so you don't have to. Never miss out on money due to late shipments again. Get the refunds you are entitled to today!

How it works



ShippingTroll automatically analyzes your shipping invoices to calculate the maximum amount of refundable shipments. Gone are the days of having to schedule time to manually redeem your own shipping refunds.



Almost all shipping labels carry a guaranteed day and time of delivery. If the carrier fails to deliver the package by this time, the contract is broken and you (the shipper) are eligible for a complete refund.



No more digging through line after line of shipments on invoices to determine whether you are eligible. With ShippingTroll, you are automatically notified of any possible refunds, after they've been redeemed!



The secret carriers don't want you to know

Around 4-6% of all shipments are eligible for guaranteed service refunds. If the shipping carriers automatically gave everybody this money, they would lose billions. That's where ShippingTroll comes in!


Full refunds with no consequences

Receiving the money you are entitled to has no effect on your shipping rates or any of the negotiated discounts you may have with your carrier(s). You are simply collecting what is rightfully yours!


Get the refunds you deserve

Just because carriers do not advertise the guaranteed service refunds does not mean you are doing anything wrong by collecting them. You are simply taking advantage of ShippingTroll's automated technology to get the money that is rightfully yours.


Multiple carriers, lots of savings

By integrating with some of the most popular shipping carriers (like UPS and FedEx), we are able to offer a robust platform dedicated to refunding almost all of your late shipments.

Supported carriers

Integrating is easy. Simply create an account, link your shipping carrier accounts to ShippingTroll, and enjoy the extra income from the automatically submitted refunds!

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Our highly competitive prices make sure you always receive the maximum refund possible. Stop overpaying for automated shipping refunds and join ShippingTroll today!

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